The Meliverse

Welcome, traveler! My name is Melian, and this is the compendium for all of my characters on their journies throughout Eorzea.Many of them are looking for RP/RP partners and friends, so do have a look and see if there is one that catches your eye. All of my characters reside on the Crystal Data Center.I do photography in-game, for both IRL and in-game currency! For more information, click here.CUSTOM POSE PRICING COMING SOON!I am 27 Female with over 8 years of RP experience! If you'd like to chat with me about setting up some RP, just shoot me a /Tell in-game or add me on Discord:

• Anji DeRune •

A widowed Red Mage wandering the star in search of a purpose and the Garelan sniper that murdered her husband...A closer look...

• Yukino Nasé •

A banished princess, now a travelling songstress and detective harboring a very dark and deadly secret.

• Chisé Hinamori •

A fledgling Summoner hailing from Thavnair running her alchemy shop in the midst of Ishgard.

• Riona Mairwen •

A Viera ripped from her home and trained from a young age to walk among the deadliest of assassins...A closer look...

• Arleah Moreau •

A trained Astrologean and mortician, answering the summons of the distraught to ferry their loved ones back to the aetherial sea...A closer look...

These are my main characters, but there are also characters that I have that are not fully fleshed out that may appear in our RP!See: The Supporting Cast

The Supporting Cast

These characters may show up from time to time during the course of an RP with me, but as of now, they are not available for RP individually!

• Remili "Remi" LaBeau •

A graduate of the Studium in Sharlayan, now a world-renown bard known for his heart-wrenching ballads....and for sometimes exaggerating the tales told therein.

• Yrys Selnir •

A "Jack of All Trades" craftsman and deadly with a scythe, bound by a mysterious magical contract to protect his mistress until the day he dies.


Welcome to my photography service page!I like to be flexible with my rates and schedule, so if you'd like to discuss them, just send me a /Tell in-game or contact me via Discord: @SansTheSirenHere are just some examples of my work:

The Mind Behind

Player is 27 Female with over 8 years of RP experience and would strongly prefer RP partners who are at least 21+. If you are interested in RP-ing with my characters, then don't hesitate to let me know!Some things to be aware of first:
- As a retail slave, my schedule is volatile and I may not always be available in-game, even on days that I am off. That being said, I have a strong preference for Discord RP for bigger scenes, and in-game for smaller ones, or even strictly Discord
- While I do not expect a post every day, if I find that I am constantly being forgotten about for weeks on end with no explanation or communication, I will leave. I am looking for people to build connections with, and as such, I wish to be invested in your character, and vice versa. I understand that IRL things come up and will constantly ruin plans, but I ask that stuff like that is communicated with me- IC is NOT OOC. Do not cross that line- I don't mind lore-bending in the slightest, but do not break it. If it is something plausible with context given by the game, then I'm perfectly fine with it! Sometimes you have to take some artistic liberties to tell a great story!- I'm fine with characters possessing The Echo, but do not use it in a way that allows you to god-mod or use OOC knowledge IC- I will not RP with any Warriors of Light or custom/non in-game races (this also includes NiER androids and Sin Eaters)- Relationship RP is fine when developed naturally, same with ERP. ERP for ERP's sake tends to get stale VERY quicklyHave questions or wish to speak further about RP-ing with me? Add me on Discord: @SansTheSiren
(Please specify who you are and how you found my Carrd, as I often forget where I've posted it or if you saw me in-game!)